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Does this really work? Scaring people into giving you their money?

Yeah, it works. Keeps me in blood & beers.

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  • bloodandbeers@livejournal.com
I'll be posting updates for Blood and Beers here. So if you'd like to read some drunken Buffy/Angelverse fanfic, that's the place to be. All ratings, all pairings, all the time... so long as there's drinking in some shape or form. Enjoy.

Apart from updates, this journal is mostly for keeping track of Buffyverse authors and tracking down more fic for Blood and Beers.

There is also a community on dreamwidth: bloodandbeers which will have much the same content as you'll find here. If you would like to post some fic or make a suggestion or anything at all really, you can comment here, or make a post over at the dreamwidth comm. Cheers.
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